Well, damn.


Looks like the world has changed a little since you last launched something.


So… how do you move forward in your business without sounding

(and feeling) like a total asshole?

just take me to the thing already

There are a lot of people talking about business and marketing right now, and most of ‘em are going about it in a way that just isn’t your style.

It’s your responsibility to show up and sell!

It’s your responsibility to lead and be of service!

It’s your responsibility to sit in the silence and reflect!

It’s your responsibility to learn a new skill/solve a world problem!

But maybe none of these feel quite right for you.

(annnd your inner rebel isn’t exactly a fan of people who don’t even know you telling you what you are responsible for doing with your precious time… during a global crisis, no less)


You’re a big-hearted change-maker with a product or service that actually does improve people’s lives. 


You want the people who can benefit from your work to be able to buy your thing. You want to be a positive, understanding presence for your clients. And you need to continue serving your audience and making money so you can keep yourself fed and housed.


You also recognize that the world is changing, and you don’t want to show up like an insensitive, opportunistic asshole.

You’re not here to shout the loudest or climb over others to get to the top. Instead, you’re here to be of service in the best way you can… while also looking out for your own physical, mental, and financial wellbeing.

That means you’re my kinda person, and I have something especially for you.

Whether you’re…

  • just getting started online
  • rescheduling or going virtual with your (formerly) in-person event
  • using this time to get your business in order for the future
  • gearing up for a major pivot
  • or trying to stay the course as best you can

…I’m here to help you make sure your copy and communication strategy are on point.

Think ahead to the next few weeks or months.


What if you could:


  • Be sure the words you’re using to communicate with your audience give them that feeling of, “wow, she really cares” *incoming warm fuzzies* as opposed to “wow, what an insensitive jerk-face” *unsubscribe forever*


  • Continue to make sales even though you might not be able to gather in person right now


  • Push that fear of judgement aside and actually launch the thing you’ve been meaning to get out there


  • Position your messaging in a way that serves your clients well, even if it’s from a distance (so you can stay top-of-mind for when they’re finally able to hire or buy from you!)


  • Make sure the words on your website or in your funnel have you primed to get those regular bookings rolling back in once life is a little more back to normal


  • Figure out how to cancel/reschedule your in-person event or move your event online without causing unnecessary confusion and frustration for your attendees


If any of those points sound like exactly what you need right now, here’s your chance to give your messaging a makeover. Two options. Two price points. Pick the one that’s perfect for you.


(*doot doot doot doooooot*)


Option 1:

The Strategy Session


You and me. One on one. 30 minutes on Zoom. Bring your questions and ideas. Pick my copywriting + marketing brain. Come away with a plan + endless possibilities.




Option 2:

The Full Echil-audit


You and me. One on one. 30 minutes via Zoom… PLUS my eyeballs on ALL of the major marketing or launch materials for your next big project. Get your thing out into the world. Make those sales. Still be able to sleep at night.



The Strategy Session is for you if…


  • You’re adding online offerings to supplement your brick and mortar business, but you’re not quite sure how to talk about ‘em in a way that brings in the money (without making everyone hate you)
  • You’re ready to get your messaging and marketing in order now so you can get back in the game strong when we’re allowed to be around people again
  • You’re feeling lost when it comes to wtf to actually say
  • You want someone to really listen to you… not just parrot cookie-cutter advice based on someone else’s circumstances or the strategies another business owner used successfully five years ago

You get: We’ll spend 30 minutes on a Zoom video chat, where you’ll have the chance to spill ALL THE THINGS. Tell me all of your ideas. Ask all of your questions. You’ll come away with loads of clarity, a few new ideas, and a plan to put it all together! Goodbye, feelings of confusion and stuck-ness!


How it works: Just hit the button below, select the time slot that works best for you, complete the checkout, keep an eye out for your confirmation email, and show up for our call! That’s it.

Snag my Spot!

The Full Enchil-audit is for you if…


  • You’ve cancelled or rescheduled an in-person event
  • You’re moving your in-person event online
  • You’re going forward with your course, membership, or product launch as planned, but you need an extra set of impartial, mega-empathic eyeballs to make sure your messaging is sensitive, timely, and on-point
  • You’ve created an entirely new thing to help people get through Life’s Current Circumstances (🙃), but you’re feeling stuck when it comes to avoiding sleazy, sensationalist copy

We’ll look at each of your major customer touchpoints, including:

  • Your overall communication strategy + key messaging
  • Each main page of your dedicated event or product/course/membership website (if you have one)
  • Your registration page or sales page
  • Confirmation and thank you pages
  • Notification, update, and special announcement emails
  • Nurture email sequence
  • Sales email sequence
  • Calls to action
  • Facebook or Instagram Ad Copy

You get:

  • One 30 minute Zoom conversation to get us started strong
  • A recorded video review, so you can watch and re-watch anytime
  • Your own custom list of action items — everything from “awooga, awooga, red alert: major priority” all the way to “well, this might be nice to have”
  • Email support office hours, so your questions always get answered

How it works: Click the button, claim your appointment, complete the checkout process, and look for your confirmation email. Fill out your intake form. Send in the links to the requested material. Show up for our Zoom call! Once I confirm receipt and get answers to any follow-up questions, you’ll have your Enchil-audit within one week. Boom, done.


You’ll come away with easy-to-understand, easy-to-implement feedback that’ll help you sell more of your event, product, service, or membership without feeling like a stinky, slimy predator with over-gelled hair (and waaaay too much after shave, if we’re being honest).

That's what I need!

Nervous about getting some Random Internet Woman’s™ opinion on a project or idea you’ve already put your heart and soul into?


I get it. So don’t worry: it’s 100% never going to be me going “ugh, you suck. Wow. This is RILLY bad.” Quite the opposite, really: my audits are loving, reassuring, and non-judgemental.

No one likes negative feedback, and that’s why I make a point to be candid and kind. You’re gonna get the information you need to serve your people and sell your offer, and you’re not gonna get it in a way that makes you feel like shit.

In other words, the goal is to help you feel better about your copy, not worse.

Check out what these beloved clients had to say about the process:


Carly’s changes significantly improved the flow and feel of my website and helped me rewrite my About page to target my ideal client while still keeping true to my voice and style. Even if you think your website is in good shape, she’ll take it to the next level!

Keen Events PDX

Carly took me from freaking the F out to calm and confident…in about five minutes. 

A few weeks ago, an amazing opportunity popped up that would help introduce my small business to the exact target audience of my local community. I had three days to go from “good enough” to “something professional and acceptable for real-life clients”.  As you can imagine, the stress was intense and in the midst of a full nuclear meltdown, I reached out for help.

Without hesitation, Carly responded and within mere hours of my desperate plea for help, she had created a five minute video overview of my website. As she went through my site, Carly very clearly went over what she was looking for from each page, what could be tweaked, what was and wasn’t working, and the overall flow of the site. In just about five minutes, she provided multiple gems of feedback that I could easily work through.

Her feedback was clear, concise and well thought out. Best of all, it was provided in a manner that felt not only professional and easily actionable but also friendly and supportive. I am so grateful for her help and am confident that I was able to snag a few new clients due to her website feedback.


Pilates Native

So, who tf am I?

Heeey, I’m Carly! Conversion Copywriter. Seasoned event pro + marketer.

Libra sun, Aquarius moon, Capricorn rising.

I help creative world-changers like you make more money and change more lives through the power of compelling copy! Some of my big work wins have included taking clients from “freaking the eff out” to calm and confident, copy projects that brought in more than 300% ROI, and planning and marketing the first 7-figure event in one organization’s nearly 90 year history.

Aside from my knack for writing money-makin’ words, I’m known for my witty observations, massive capacity for empathy, impeccable listening skills, and bordering-on-unhealthy love for Diet Coke.

Any questions? I’ve got you:

Q: Wait, these prices are so… affordable?
A: Yup, they are, and that’s on purpose. I created these packages to make sure you’re getting a ton of value for a not-ton of money, because the world is flippin’ weird right now and you don’t need another thing to worry about.
Q: If I choose the full audit, what do I need to send you?

A: Your website URL (or the URL to your dedicated event site or product/course/membership site), an outline of your current communication strategy (if you have one), your sales page, your sales email sequence, copies of notification and confirmation emails, links or copy for confirmation and thank you pages, and your ad copy.

Don’t worry about memorizing this list, either: it’ll all be in your confirmation email! 😄

Q: If I choose the strategy session, how will we connect?
A: Zoom! Once you select your time slot and complete the checkout process here, you’ll get a confirmation email with the link we’ll use for our video chat. Just show up with your questions, your goals, and your adorable face! And if you’ve never used Zoom, don’t worry — it’s free and easy to get started.
Q: How long are these two offers going to be available?

A: Ideally, as long as people need them. Buuuut — I’m one woman with a limited amount of extra time in my schedule, though, so once spots are full for the month, they’re full! (Seriously — on top of client work and working on my own biz, I only time slots open for 2 – 3 days each week. If either of these offers are calling to you, pounce fast!)

Q: Can we only work together if I’m cancelling an event or moving an event online?
A: Not at all! My 10+ year background in hospitality and events makes me a standout choice for event-related copy (if I do say so myself… *flips hair*), but having an event-related project is definitely not a requirement to work with me. If you’re a forward-thinking, big-hearted, kinda-rebellious human on a mission, you’re 100% in the right place.  
Q: You have a Find Your Magic Audit too, right? How’s this one different?

A: Yup, I sure do! The Find Your Magic Audit covers either one sales page or one basic website (home, about, services, and contact page) for $147. Basically, it’s the one you need if you have one project you need my copy expert eyeballs on.  The Full Enchil-audit, on the other hand, covers about 5x the material for less than 1.7x the price. THIS is the option you want if you have multiple launch elements (website, emails, sales page, etc) you need pro feedback on.

(Here in Texas, that’s what we call a dang good deal*)

*probably? I’m still pretty new to Texas.

Please don’t let fear of judgement stop you from launching a thing people need or pivoting where your business needs to pivot.


We’ve alllll seen those businesses that aren’t doing the greatest job communicating online right now. Maybe they’re completely ignoring the situation, or worse: they’re stoking fear and unease in order to drive sales.  Ewwww. You don’t want that to be you.

At the same time, you also don’t want to just try to keep your head down and wait it out until things get back to “normal,” because who knows when that’s going to be. You want to keep going, and you need your business to keep providing for you.

The good news: you don’t have to choose between being gross and doing nothing. 


You can launch and sell your thing, and you can do it with empathy and integrity. I’m here to help you make it happen with copy that’s clear, effective, and human.