Ready to sell more of your THING, make an impact on your industry, and do it all in a way that doesn't leave you feeling like a horse's backside?

-- and get it done in just 3 - 6 weeks --


Say hello to the ultimate website copy intensive for status-quo questioners, world-bettering brands, and non-a-holes

(like you! 😉)



So, do you have a website?

Ugh, the dreaded question.

OF COURSE you have a website. But you’ve been so consumed with delivering client work, up-leveling your skills, and building this enviable-levels-of-coolness brand that you haven’t updated it in ages… and surprise: it no longer perfectly represents who you are and what you offer, let alone in a way that gets people excited 😬

You’re VERY tired of sheepishly adding the “Yeah, I do — it’s a little out of date, though!” disclaimer when someone asks for the link. 

It’s embarrassing, but quite frankly, you do not have the mental capacity, physical energy, hours in the day, or heck — even the copywriting expertise to give your wildly overdue website makeover the attention it deserves.

Even worse? You’re watching bucket list clients, heart-skipping opportunities, and is-this-really-happening invitations go to people who are less experienced and less skilled than you are — all because the words on your website are stuck in 2016.


Your business has leveled up (yay!), but your website hasn’t come with it.

You’ve refined your signature service (and it’s flippin’ life-changing). You can easily articulate the transformation you provide. Through trial and error, you’ve fine-tuned your target audience.

You’ve worked literal YEARS for this, and it feels pret-ty damn good.

But with the increased income, that long-awaited roster — almost — full of clients, and empty slots in your calendar growing more and more scarce, you might be noticing a few growing pains along the way.


Namely: the website copy you wrote (or paid a copywriter to write) a few years ago isn’t cutting it anymore.

Maybe your core mission has changed.

Maybe the type of clientele you serve has evolved.

Maybe the products and services you offer are completely different than the ones you started out with.

Maybe your inbox is always stuffed with inquiries from folks who are just not a good fit to work with your brand.

Maybe you’re getting lots of referrals + mentions in the press and on social media — finally! — but you’re kind of embarrassed to send people to your dusty, outdated website… and the ones who are landing there aren’t buying.

And you know that if you want to get more of the right-fit, right-budget clients through the door AND grow past this level where you’re no longer wearing ALL the hats and working 18-hour days, it’s not gonna happen without a major website overhaul.

The bottom line: you’re overdue for some fresh website copy.


→ Writing is not your zone of genius… Maybe you got all As in English Comp 10 years ago, but you know that crafting conversion-focused copy for an internet-based audience is an entirely different beast

→ Even if conducting voice-of-customer research, synthesizing it all, and sitting down to write a whole website’s worth of personality-packed words that help close deals with the clients of your dreams doesn’t make you wanna put on your CareBears onesie and hide under a blanket, you just don’t have the time or the energy to get it done. Your plate is already OVERFLOWING, and you’d rather leave it to the pros.

→ Yes, you know your copy has to be effective… but you also want it to be non-exploitative, to respect your audience, AND to be something you feel good about putting into the world… which sometimes feels like an impossible combination

→ You’re not exactly new to this whole business thing, and at this point, you want to work with a writer who knows her stuff — a collaborator and ally who can guide you through the process like a real professional

→ You need someone who will excitedly listen to your views, struggles, and priorities — and actually HEAR you — instead of foisting a shady guru-approved, used-car-salesman-feeling, non-negotiable 67-step formula upon you 🤮

→ Somehow, writing about yourself feels harder than honors organic chem and worse than going to the dentist


How much simpler would business (and life, if we’re being honest!) feel if you had a website that:


  • Represents your brand as your all day, every day salesperson, complete with current products and services (you know, the ones you want to be selling more of!)


  • Sets you apart from everyone else in your industry


  • Inspires your readers — yup, the same ones who happen to be your perfect-fit customers — to fall completely in love with your brain, making YOU the first and only option they want


  • Gives your dream clients that coveted, “omg, she gets me!” feeling


  • Fully represents who you are and what you stand for — both as a human and as a business, so your clients will know they’ll be safe and respected in your space


  • Showcases your dazzling accomplishments, results, and body of work (so everyone can see what a star you are… and then hire some of that stardom for themselves!)


  • Inspires a jolt of pride and confidence — and maaaaybe even a little giddiness — when you send the URL to potential clients, PR pros, media contacts, colleagues, and friends alike


  • Reclaims the time you’re wasting on emails and sales calls with the people who just aren’t a good fit at all


  • Serves as a legit tool to help you hit your financial goals AND make life better for your clients and customers… at the same time!
Several white and orange Koi fish looking surprised. One is wearing a monocle. The other has a moustache and is exclaiming, "WHOT!"

If you’re wondering, “Um… Carly? Does that even exist?”


Well fren, it does now… because I just made it for you.


*insert air horn sounds here*




(yeah, this is the one)


An intensive-style, comprehensive package featuring 100% custom, research-backed, personality-packed website copy for conscientious brands and businesses that refuse to settle for the status quo. It’s everything you need (and nothing you don’t!) to help you attract more dream clients, grow your purpose-driven business, set yourself apart as the star you are, and maybe even make the world a better place (even if it’s just in a tiny way).

…all in just 3 – 6 weeks. Yes, really!

Make a living. Make a difference. Do it all in a way that feels GOOD.

Choose from two awesome options:

The Classic Tuna

3 – 5 weeks

  • 90 minute, 1:1 kickoff call
  • Thorough review of your existing brand materials
  • Copy for your:
    • Home Page
    • About Page
    • Services Page (including up to 3 sub-pages)
    • Speaker/Media Page
    • Contact Page
    • 404 Page
    • Opt-in Blurb
    • Footer
  • 2 rounds of revisions
  • Email support






The Trophy Tuna

4 – 6 weeks

  • 90 minute, 1:1 kickoff call
  • Voice of Customer research, including:
    • Recorded interviews with 3 – 5 of your favorite clients (you make the intros and I’ll handle the rest!)
    • Summary of big ideas and common threads
    • Powerful, ready-to-publish testimonials based on your clients’ stories and feedback (used only with their permission, of course)
  • Copy for your:
    • Home Page
    • About Page
    • Services Page (including up to 3 sub-pages)
    • Speaker/Media Page
    • Contact Page
    • 404 Page
    • Opt-in Blurb
    • Footer
  • 2 rounds of revisions
  • Email support


No templates. No DIY. No cookie-cutter deliverables. No endless Zoom calls or weekly appointments.

It’s just you, me, a ton of my love/attention/skill, and a supportive, collaborative process. 

And the result? Website copy that represents your special kind of magic, brings more dream customers in the door, helps you grow, and finally lets you break free from the pack so that you can run your business the way YOU want to.

So, who tf am I, anyway?


Hi, I’m Carly Eckerle-Turner, the CET in CET Writes. 🥰️

As a Conversion Copywriter, I specialize in crafting research-backed, personality-packed copy for purpose-driven, conscientious brands that refuse to settle for the status quo. 

Basically, I help people like you make more money and have a greater impact through the power of words. You’re out to make a difference, whether it’s big or small. And while the thing you’re selling (services, consulting, coaching, courses, and products) might not be new or different, the way you think absolutely is (yes, even if you don’t realize it).

I’m known for my fun + warm writing style, my excellent listening skills, and my uncanny ability to capture the magic of YOU in words on a page. Even better? Those words can help you sell the right things to the right people.

Want my life story? It’s a pretty typical one, really: 

Black and white photo of Carly

The short version: Girl grows up with intense love of reading and writing (everyone spent grades 2 – 5 planning out the vast library of horse-themed novels they’d one day write, right?). Girl decides on a career as a writer. Girl’s parents and teachers, rudely aided by a global recession, say, “Ehhh maybe pick something else… like a nurse. Or a Realtor!” 

Girl gets into events + hospitality by chance, builds a whole damn career, and still somehow manages to set herself apart as the go-to person for everything words-related while ALSO being really damn good at her actual job.

Before we know it, ten years pass. One day, Woman emerges after a health emergency and decides life’s too damn short to not be doing what you want to be doing.

Sooo she hired the best coaches and teachers out there, invested in the best courses in the business, and molded her natural talent for writing into seriously legit conversion copy chops.

And whew, here we are!

Now, more than 3 years later, I spend my days writing website copy, sales pages, and sales emails for wonderful people bringing much-needed shifts to their industries.

Some of my biggest career wins include taking clients from freaking the heck out to calm and confident, writing sales pages that brought in more than 300% ROI, and planning + marketing the first 7-figure-generating event in one organization’s nearly 90-year history.

When I’m not helping awesome brands get cool things out into the world, you can probably find me hanging out with my dogs, thinking about food, playing Elder Scrolls, reading nonfiction, fawning over my dog, or enthusiastically analyzing our latest tv binge with my husband.

Let’s take a peek at the process, eh?


Are you thinking The Silver Tuna sounds exactly like what you need right now? Woohoo! If you’re the kind of person who likes to know ALL the things, here’s what the process for your entire intensive might look like:


  • To get the process started, simply hit APPLY NOW, fill in your responses, and send!


  • From there, I’ll send you a link to my calendar so we can book a complimentary get-to-know-each-other chat to see if we’re a good fit to work together. Feel free to bring alllll of your questions, concerns, and big dreams! (Also pets. Always feel free to bring your pets. Thank you.) Obviously, there’s no obligation and zero pressure.


  • If you decide this is the next right move for you, let me know you’re ready to move forward! That’s when I’ll send your contract and invoice. Yes, payment plans are available!


  • Next, we’ll schedule our 1:1 call. Think of it as a deep dive into you, your businesses, what you deliver, what’s special about your process, and what matters to you. Don’t worry — even though it’s an important conversation, I try to keep things casual and fun!


  • Meanwhile, I’ll be working on your Voice of Customer research. This looks a little different for everyone, but it usually includes things like interviewing your best customers, delving into surveys and reviews, and taking a look at the market.


  • Now it’s writing time! For you, this means you get to kick back and relax (I hope while sitting next to a pool in 75-degree weather, surrounded by puppies, and reading a book that’s so good you can’t put it down — all while a very attractive person brings you copious amounts of your snack of choice). For me, it means I get busy researching and writing.


  • When the first draft is ready, it’ll land in your inbox along with a nice little walkthrough video. Your copy will come in the form of a Google doc, and it’ll include basic wireframes (aka a general idea of how you can lay things out to provide your reader with the best experience AND maximize conversions).


  • Edits! Once you watch your video and review your document, you’ll go through and make notes and comments. When you’re ready, send ‘em back to me and we’ll go from there. While the entire intensive process is collaborative, the editing phase might be the most so!


  • Annnd you’re almost done! You’ll hand your fresh, beautiful copy document off to your designer + developer (or to yourself if you’re the master-of-all-things, DIY type!) to bring it to life. Once it’s live, please send me the link so I can celebrate with you!


  • That’s it! Now you’ve got a whole website full of current copy that showcases your skills, highlights your voice, and speaks directly to the hearts of the people you want to be working with most. You can say goodbye to those days of feeling ashamed to share your website, watching opportunities go to folks with less experience, and losing sleep over outdated, high-pressure sales tactics.

Hows about some FAQ?

Q: What is Voice of Customer Research? Do I need it?

A: On the surface, Voice of Customer (VoC) Research is a great way for you to better understand your dreamiest clients, including what prompted them to seek you out, why they chose you, how they felt during the process, and what changed for them as a result of working with you. Having all of that info helps to make it easier for you to reach more of the type of people you want to be working with, because you’ll be speaking their language! It’s obviously super valuable (like, big companies pay $20k and up for this stuff).

But. My favorite thing about VoC Research is actually its potential to help you uncover and fit together all of these magical puzzle pieces, like who you are as a person, how you make your clients feel, the process you take them through, and the impact you make on their lives. If you’re like most of my clients, you might be thinking, “Well yeah, but I don’t do anything special,” and I’m here to tell you that there’s a 99% chance that’s not true – you’re just too close to see it!

If you’ve been selling the same things for ages and are 100% solid on who your customers are, what they struggle with, what they’re seeking, why they choose you, and how things change for them as a result of working with you – oh, and you’ve got detailed testimonials (not like the vague “omg, she was great!” one-liners) out the wazoo, you can probably go with The Classic Tuna. But 1) if you need help getting ultra-solid on those magical, foundational pieces or 2) you’re past due for a refresh when it comes to VoC Research, then The Trophy Tuna is the best fit for you.

(PS: I’ve never had a client regret doing VoC research. There’s valuable stuff in there!)

Q: Do you offer a payment plan?

A: Yes! This is something we can discuss during our initial chat. 😊

Q: Is there anyone who ISN’T a good fit for this intensive?

A: Hmm so, if you’re reading this page and you’re thinking, “YES, this is what I need, this is SO for me,” then you probably ARE a good fit. In general, though, the following folks would probably not get the most out of The Silver Tuna:

  • People in their first few months of business
  • People who don’t have a proven offer
  • People who haven’t begun to delve into the uniqueness they bring to their industry
  • People who don’t yet understand the value of high-quality, conversion-focused copy
  • People who’d prefer that their website contain as many images and as few words as possible
  • People who have an exact blueprint from a coach and want to stick ONLY to that
  • People who don’t believe Black Lives Matter and aren’t affirming toward the BIPOC community, the AAPI community, and the LGBTQIA+ community
  • People who aren’t willing to examine how the words we use and the systems we accept and live within (including marketing!) might be problematic or harmful
Q: Can you help me with design, too?

A: While I’ll send your copy in a Google doc with basic wireframes, design and development aren’t in my zone of genius! If you’re looking for someone to help you with that, though, I’m happy to refer you to some good hoomans.

Q: Help! My question isn't answered here.

Got a question that hasn’t been answered here? Drop me a note at and I’ll make sure you have everything you need to decide if this is the next right move for you.

The Silver Tuna is here to help you sell more of your THING so you can make more money, show up in a way that feels good, and get your product or services into the hands of the people who will benefit from it — all while making much-needed change — big and small — in your industry, your community, and the world.

It’s time to showcase your business, your delightful voice, and your gifts.


No five-figure investment.


No neverending Zoom calls, weekly appointments, or agonizing homework.


No feeling like you aren’t being seen or heard.


No being stuffed into a cookie-cutter container that doesn’t feel right for you.


No more spending 20 hours each week responding to the mountain of inquiries that are NOT a good fit for your biz.


No more missing out on dream clients or oh-my-gawd opportunities because your website copy is outdated and doesn’t put the magic of you + how you help people front and center.


In just 3 weeks, you could walk away with website copy that feels like YOU, charms the hades out of your dream clients, helps you hit your business goals, and does it all in a way that feels GOOD.


You in? 😉


I can’t wait to see what we can create together!