Done-for-you copywriting and messaging strategy for care-focused brands

Because isn't it time your WORDS did your WORK justice?

Ready to whittle down your big, beautiful message into something truly special (and unique to you!) that gets you real results, helps you stand out from the battalion of beige, and makes your perfect-fit people feel deeply seen, heard, and understood?

Well, I’m ready to help you get there. 😎

Here are a few of the ways we can make it happen:

Launch Copy

What it is: Choose your own adventure, m’dear! Get a custom quote based on your launch copy needs. Landing pages, email nurture sequences, sales pages, sales email sequences, and more!

Perfect for you if:

  • You’re ready for delightful, memorable launch copy that…
    • Helps you sell more of your product or service to the right people at the right time
    • Feels authentic, accurate, and exciting for you and your customer
    • Showcases your amazing expertise and awesome program without resorting to bogus claims
  • You want expertly-crafted, done-for-you copy for every element of your launch or
  • You just need copy support with a few pieces of your launch, like a stellar sales page or an email sequence that makes your perfect people feel like, “omg, FINALLY – someone gets me!”

Complete packages start at $10,000

Website Copy: The Silver Tuna

What it is: 100% custom, research-backed, personality-packed website copy for conscientious brands like yours… all in just 3 – 6 weeks!

It’s everything you need (and nothing you don’t!) to help you attract more dream clients, grow your care-focused business, set yourself apart like the star you are, and scoot you forward in your mission to make the world a better, kinder, more care-filled place.

Perfect for you if: 

  • Your business has leveled up (yay!), but your website hasn’t come with it (yet), and you’re tired of not feeling proud to share that URL all over the internet
  • You’re ready to woo more right-fit, right-budget clients
  • You want to work with a copywriter + strategist who legit knows her stuff – a collaborator and ally who can guide you through the process like a real professional
  • You’re tired of being told your copy can’t be effective while also being authentic, honest, and non-exploitative

Starting at $4,500

Copy Audit: The Color + Care Evaluation

What it is: A customer journey-centered, full-funnel audit for brands ready to attract more of their perfect-fit clients while giving ‘em an unforgettable, “that was sooo worth the money,” experience.

Perfect for you if:

  • Your offer, lead magnet, or nurture sequence isn’t converting as well as you hoped it would.
  • You’re tired of not knowing if your landing page, lead magnet, nurture email sequence, sales page, sales email sequence, onboarding sequence, and the inside of your offer are 1) actually effective, 2) making sense and working together, and 3) actually giving your buyers that amazing experience you want to create for them.
  • You’re starting to wonder if there might be some gaps in communication. Maybe clients are confused, have tons of questions even after the onboarding process, can’t figure out what’s next, or aren’t submitting the materials you need from them at the right time or in the right place… and it’s causing a lot of chaos for you and your team.
  • You have a sneaking suspicion that the tone of your sales copy doesn’t match the “vibe” once folks are inside, and you’re worried clients can FEEL it. The last thing you want is for them to feel like just another number, but you have no idea what’s happening, where, or how to fix it.


Strategy Session

What it is: You. Me. 60 minutes. My Zoom room.

You bring your copy or messaging conundrum. I’ll bring the light at the end of the tunnel (and probably a few puns, too, tbh). This is your time to get copy feedback, brain-dump a few of your wild ideas, and ask all of those questions that’ve been bopping around in your brain.

When we’re done, you’ll come away with loads of clarity, a few new ideas, and a plan to put it all together!

Perfect for you if:

  • You need a little help brainstorming how to talk about your offers in a way that brings in the money but still feels authentic
  • You’re working on a sales page, email sequence, or bit of web copy, and it has you feeling S-T-U-C-K af
  • You want someone to really listen to you and your specific messaging challenges – not just parrot cookie-cutter advice based on the strategies another business owner used successfully five years ago


What does it mean to be care-focused, anyway?

Basically, it means you give many damns about your community, your clients, the experience(s) they have, and the results they achieve. You want every person you work with to feel deeply seen, heard, understood, valued, and respected – because with you? They are.

And caring bigly doesn’t have to be industry-specific, either! Some of the amazing folks I’ve worked with over the years include community builders, event pros, vetmed organizations, travel experts, designers, birthworkers, nonprofits, branding agencies, educators, therapists, course creators, coaches, and more.

Carly’s changes significantly improved the flow and feel of my website, and then helped me rewrite my About page to target my ideal client while still keeping true to my voice and style. Even if you think your website is in good shape, she’ll take it to the next level!


Keen Events PDX

Lookin’ for somethin’ you don’t see here?

Maybe you’re in the market for a single page of website copy (about page, anyone?) sales page refresh, nurture sequence, landing page, or something else. Tell me everything – plus, if I can’t help ya, I can probably refer you to someone who can!