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Psssssst! Your website isn’t working.

Wait, really? (Yes, really.)

When it comes to attracting and booking the dreamiest clients out there, your website is kind of a big deal. It has the power to enchant the hearts of your kindred spirits and prompt them to hire you, like, right now while sending cheapskates, Aunt Karens, wicked stepmothers, and people stuck in the 1950s running in the other direction.


But yours… well… it’s not quite doing its job. Any of this sound familiar?


  • You need more clients, but your calendar isn’t exactly full. Yeah, your website looks pretty, but not enough of those rad engaged couples with money to spend on awesome, ethical event pros are zooming into your inbox and asking if you’re available for their weekend.
  • You’re completely and totally over sitting at your laptop and crying stress-tears at that menacing, blinking cursor while precious hours fly by because you have no flipping clue what to write to woo the kind of people you long to serve.
  • Everyone says Facebook ads are the way to go to get booked out, but your bank account is shrinking while your anxiety is growing because none of the people you’re paying to get in front of are actually, you know, booking you.
  • Maybe you have a major case of website shame. Like, you almost don’t even want the newly-engaged Andy and Sam to land on your site because while it’s beautiful, it damn sure doesn’t eloquently convey who you are, what do you do, and why they should choose you… at least not in a way that’ll have ‘em laughing and nodding along and then scrambling to hit “submit” on your contact form.


Wanna hear something wild, though? It’s probably not the design, the colors, the headline font you picked, or some super-secret marketing hack you haven’t paid to learn about yet.


More likely? 


The problem miiiight just be the words on your website.


Let me let you in on a little secret, though: you’re not alone!


If there’s one mistake I see over and over, it’s business owners completely forgetting that their web copy matters.

You’re great at what you do: impressively skilled, professional, compassionate, and a gosh damn joy to work with. But you have no clue where to start when it comes to expressing all of that through your website copy.


Knowing what to say doesn’t have to be so hard, though: you just need to ask yourself five simple-yet-crucial questions.


That’s exactly why I created Find Your Magic.


Let’s look into the crystal ball for a second, ok?


You want a website that:

  • Helps the exact people you want to work with fall totally and completely in love with you
  • Shows those perfect clients exactly why they should choose you over the thousands of other event profs out there
  • Gives ‘em an easy way to start the booking process
  • Highlights the special qualities and experiences that only you can offer
  • Reflects who you are and what you stand for
  • Prompts your visitors to take action
  • Inspires the prospects who aren’t a good fit to search elsewhere


…but you’re afraid of sounding salesy, sleazy, and annoying.


Yeah. I get it.


Wouldn’t it be nice if:

  • A pro would just let you in on the most important questions your site needs to answer
  • You knew exactly what questions to ask yourself to find out how your offer is special and unique
  • Your website not only attracted your ideal clients, but filtered out the people who aren’t a good fit to work with you? (*cough* bigots, ghosters, and people who want to pay you in exposure *cough*)


Jeez, if only you had a magic spell or something to help you attract the clients of your dreams.


Surprise: you already do! That magic is already in you – it’s just time to find it. But how?


Well, you’ve come to the right place, my dear.

Introducing Find Your Magic: a Mini Workbook Designed to Help You Find the Words to Sweep Your Dream Clients off of Their Feet

Find Your Magic is a mini workbook designed to help you find the words to sweep your dream clients off of their feet. Inside, you’ll find five easy-but-important exercises that’ll take about 20 minutes each. You’ll also get one email every day for five days to guide you through each section. If you prefer to sit down and knock it all out in one go, though? You do you! You’ll be ready to roll in about an hour.


And if you have any questions while on the journey to find your own magic? I’m only an email away (yes, everyone told me not to include this part, but I’m doing it anyway).


So how much does Find Your Magic cost? $200? $500? Nope. It’s FREE. What!? Yup. Zero dollars.


Get Find Your Magic...

...and discover your own special formula for attracting (and booking!) those perfect-fit clients. 🥳

Says who?

Well hey! I’m Carly, an Event Pro turned Event Copywriter. I wield the power of witty, relatable copy to help wedding, event, hospitality, and travel pros like you to connect with your dream people, book up your services, sell more seats, make more money, and change more lives.

After 10+ years in the industry, a way with words, more than 500 events planned, and dozens of copy projects completed, I have insider knowledge of your particular challenges that average writer just won’t. What does that mean for you? It means you have a pro copywriter in your corner who truly gets what you do — a secret weapon to guide you in using words that matter to connect with the people who matter.


Find Your Magic includes:


A PDF workbook with 12 pages and 5 exercises to help you get clear on what you do, who you do it for, and why it matters



Fun email prompts to guide you through each exercise




BONUS: Support from moi. Have a question while you’re going through the workbook? I’m only an email away.


Sure, you could keep asking for feedback in Facebook groups and getting 1,537 different responses from people who aren’t your ideal client.


You could learn to enjoy that sensation of icy shame that creeps into the pit of your stomach when people you’d love to work with ask where to find you online.


You could get used to shrugging sheepishly and stumbling over your response when friends and colleagues ask you what you do and who you do it for.


You could keep spending money on ads that get you lots of views but no buys.


Orrrr you could download Find Your Magic, devote a few minutes every day to building the business of your dreams, get a firm grasp on who you are, who you serve, why it matters, and what makes you special…



…and start scheduling sales calls with your perfect clients before the weekend rolls around.


This industry needs inclusive, progressive, big-hearted people like you. What are you waiting for?

Get Find Your Magic...

...and discover your own special formula for attracting (and booking!) those perfect-fit clients. 🥳