Ready to feel confident that your funnel copy is working to attract your perfect-fit clients

– and then giving ‘em an unforgettable, “this was sooo worth the money” experience?

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Color + Care

the customer journey-centered copy evaluation created especially for service providers who care deeply about their work, their clients, and their results



If you haven’t experienced one firsthand, you’ve definitely heard the whispers about ‘em: 

Shiny courses, group programs, memberships, and one-on-one experiences that cost big money and lure you in with a beautiful sales page full of magical-sounding promises.

Finally! This is exactly what I’ve been waiting for,” you gasp as you enter your credit card info, your heart full of hope and excitement.

Then, once you’re in, you’re greeted with nothing more than a cold, impersonal payment receipt and links to a bunch of boring PDFs full of regurgitated info that wasn’t even groundbreaking five years ago.

This is it? Like… seriously!?” you wonder. “I just paid that much for this?

(And then, if you’re anything like me, your blood turns to ice and your heart falls into your butt.)

Basically, the vibe of the sales page does not match the vibe once you’re inside. 

The promises on the sales page don’t match up with the material you get once you’ve got that login.

But the worst part? The way you were treated before you made a purchase isn’t even in the same universe as the way you were treated after you handed over your hard-earned dollar bills.

And hoo boy, it does not feel good to have the red carpet rolled out for you in order to get your money only to be told you’ve gotta enter through the loading dock once you’ve paid, does it?


Here’s the kicker: as a care-focused service provider who gives a whole lot of fucks about your work, your clients, and their results…

…creating an offer that doesn’t deliver on its promises and/or making people feel like they’re nothing more than dollar signs is your worst nightmare.

That fear? It’s 100% valid… and it miiiight just be keeping you from showing up and selling the legitimately good, seriously life-changing stuff you’ve created. 😳

Thankfully, most conscientious service providers are not setting out to make a bunch of money through delivering a half-assed offer and making people feel like garbage.

It’s just that launching and selling an offer involves dozens of copy elements and customer touchpoints. 

And unfortunately, in the copywriting and marketing world, we’re guilty of focusing on sucking people in and making SALES SALES SALES while kiiiind of neglecting copy’s role in the overall customer experience. 🤯

This, of course, feeds right into a conundrum that nearly every super-smart, ultra-caring, integrity-prioritizing entrepreneur grapples with:

 “How do I showcase my expertise and sell my awesome program while avoiding bogus claims… but also not underselling it!? And how can I make sure the people who do buy have an awesome experience once they’re in?”


There’s good news, though: copy is a powerful thing, and it is possible for yours to feel authentic, accurate, and exciting while also working for you in multiple different ways, like…


Selling out your offers to engaged, enthusiastic, perfect-fit people without using icky tactics or excessively inflated promises (because you didn’t start your own business just to show up like Mr. Wormwood from Matilda, eh?)


Refining an intentional, seamless client experience that’s actually fun and makes your clients feel deeply seen, heard, and valued (annnnd has them coming back over and over again and referring all of their friends)


Helping your readers feel like they’re breaking free from the dated, chaotic world of Yelly Infomercial Bros and Quartz-Encrusted Girlbosses and finally finding someone who  genuinely gets them


Standing out in people’s minds and memories so that even if they’re not quite ready to buy right now, you’re their #1 choice when they are ready


Want to know how? Well, you’re so in the perfect place! It’s time to infuse a little color and care, my friend.

🎺 Introducing 🎺


Color + Care

A top-to-bottom client experience-centered evaluation of each element of copy in your funnel so you can finally…

  • Get clear on whether your sales copy is speaking to the right people, tackling the most important selling points, making accurate and authentic claims, and aligned with the kind of experience you’re aiming to create
  • Make sure your copy is effective and honest – aka does your potential customer understand exactly what they’re buying, what it’s designed to deliver, what it includes, and what’s expected of them… before they buy?
  • Understand if, why, and where your sales and onboarding processes might be leaving your people feeling overwhelmed, undervalued, or confused about what’s next (and how to fix it)
  • Put your copy to work as a star contributor in your smooth, delightful, and consistent 5C-worthy (Captivation, Clarity, Cohesion, Color, and Care) customer journey – ya know, the kind that will have your clients legit enjoying the process, coming back over and over, and sending everyone your way
  • Be excited to share your offer everywhere, because you feel great about the copy, you know your readers will feel great interacting with the copy, and you’re 100% confident that it represents your package, product, course, or experience well
  • Stop worrying that you’re one of those assholes who’s gonna get roasted on the internet – or worse, have your beloved clients walking away without getting what they hoped for – because you’re selling a dream and delivering a kinda half-assed, um, not dream

…all through the lens of my signature Color + Care Compass Framework. 🌈🧸️😉

Your investment: $997

More spots added for November and December 2022!

Payment plan more your speed? You got it, Dude  – drop me a note!


Here’s how it works:

Color + Care includes a thorough evaluation of all of the copy in your funnel, including:

  • Lead magnet landing page
  • Lead magnet itself
  • Nurture email sequence
  • Sales page
  • Sales email sequence
  • Often-overlooked bits like confirmations, receipts, and reminders
  • A peek inside of your offer
  • Onboarding process/communications
  • Offboarding communications

What you’ll stroll away with:

  • A 90-minute Zoom call, so we can demystify your priorities, business, style, offer, audience, and process
  • Video review feedback for each segment of your funnel, so you’ll know exactly what to implement, where, and why it matters
  • A custom list of key action items, hidden opportunities, and clever ideas to help you polish up your copy so that it’s captivating, colorful, caring, clear, and cohesive at every step of the sales and fulfillment process
  • Two weeks of email support, so you’ll never be left wondering how the eff to approach those “Wait, what about…” follow-up conundrums

Ready to get started?

When you click the button, you’ll have the chance to grab a spot on my calendar, enter your payment info, and complete your onboarding form (which will include the info I need to get started).

Then, after we have our 90-minute, one-on-one call and I lovingly interrogate you about allllll the details, I’ll get to work on your evaluation. The whole process usually takes two weeks or less.

Note: your Color + Care Evaluation does not include done-for-you copywriting, which frees you up to implement the changes yourself, hand them off to your internal team, or whatever works best for you. 

But! Want to hire moi to write fresh copy or edit what you have right now? We can apply that $997 investment toward your custom quote. 😎

Meet Carly ET, the copy pro who – ironically enough – used to hate sales

(It’s like raaaiiii-eeaaaaiiiinn 🎤)

Welll helllloooo there! I’m Carly Eckerle-Turner, and I’ve been writing personality-packed sales copy for smart, conscientious service providers, coaches, educators, community builders, therapists, and creators of all-around good stuff since 2018.

Ironically, for a person who used to associate “sales” with ultra-pushy, crunchy-haired, sugar-in-the-gas-tank crooks, I managed to carve out a career that has always required selling, anticipating needs, and creating amazing experiences.

How’d that happen? To find out, we’ve gotta hop back to the 2010s…

*wavy dream sequence puddle appears*

I worked my way through college, which meant I was never without a full-time or part-time job. One of these jobs was selling wedding dresses. On commission. Dun dun dunnnn.

The tactics we were taught just felt bad to me – predatory, manipulative, and inauthentic. I hated the thought of pressuring someone into buying something they didn’t love or couldn’t afford.

Still, I had to get up, go to work, and sell those dang dresses every day in order to earn a tiny amount of money.

Eventually, I decided that in order to not hate my life, I was just going to do “sales” differently.

How? By learning about the experience my customer wanted to create, and then showing her what we had that could fulfill that vision (and how). No pressure. No trickery. No fear-based tactics. No troweling on “tradition” or “what will people think!”

And… it worked. I eventually ended up ranked #2 in the store (#1 in undergarments 😎), and I was only part-time.

In the decade+ since, that care-focused approach has yet to fail me. 

Now – hundreds of deliverables into my copywriting career – it’s evolved into the Color + Care Compass Framework, and it’s a key part of crafting delightful, memorable copy that helps sell those life-changing offers to the folks who are oh-so-excited to be able to get ahold of them… in way that feels good for you and them.


The 5Cs of the Color + Care Compass


First things first! Is your copy moving, compelling, and memorable? Does it invite the right people in while demonstrating your unique expertise?


Your message, the offer details, possible outcomes, client responsibilities, and next steps: are they all super duper clear?


Does the copy at each touchpoint sound on-brand? It is well-timed? Does it help your reader effortlessly move through the process?


Those extra-special, charming bits that are delightfully you – the ones that give a preview of what working with you is like – are they showing up in your copy and sales process?


Are you using your copy to its maximum ability to help your clients feel supported, respected, understood, and valued at every step of the journey?

Let’s A those frequent Qs, shall we?

Q: Omg, I SO need this and I can’t wait to book! What do I need to have in place?

A: Yay, I can’t wait to see your name in my calendar! In order to get the best results, I’d love for you to have an offer, a sales page, and a sales process or a lead magnet, nurture sequence, and an offer to sell at the end of that sequence in place at the very least.

Q: Will you be writing new copy for me?

A: Nope – the Color + Care Evaluation doesn’t include done-for-you copywriting. That way, you have the flexibility (and budget wiggle room) to implement the changes yourself, hand them off to your internal team, etc.

While I won’t be writing copy for you inside of Color + Care, you will get the following:

  • A 90-minute Zoom call with me to go over your priorities, business, style, offer, audience, and process
  • Video review feedback for each segment of your funnel
  • A list of overall action items, opportunities, and ideas
  • Two weeks of email support for follow-up questions

Plus, In the event you’re much excite to have meeee implement everything from your Color + Care Evaluation, I’m happy to apply your $997 investment toward a custom quote.

Q: Remind me which funnel pieces you’ll be looking at, again?

A: Sure! Here’s an example of which elements I’ll be assessing: 

  • Lead magnet landing page
  • Lead magnet itself
  • Nurture email sequence
  • Sales page
  • Sales email sequence
  • Often-overlooked bits like confirmations, receipts, and reminders
  • A peek inside of your offer
  • Onboarding process/communications
  • Offboarding communications

And if your funnel/process looks a little different than this? That’s ok!

Q: How long does the process take?

A: It can vary a little depending on when we’re able to schedule your call and what your funnel includes, but the process generally takes about two weeks.

Q: Can you help me with the tech and automations that go along with the copy?

A: I’m a communications pro, not a tech and automations genius (unfortunately lol). But I can definitely refer you to someone who’s an absolute wizard when it comes to that sort of thing if you want to be sure your user experience with copy and automations is 11/10.

Q: How about instructional design? I have a course, but I think the content could use some tweaking.

A: Ahhh, instructional design is a whole other area of expertise in itself! While I’m happy to give you feedback on how your customer is guided to and through your offer (including whether the contents inside match up with what’s promised on the sales page), I’d recommend partnering with an instructional designer if you’re looking to do a course overhaul.

Q: I’m really into this, but my business is product-based. Will Color + Care process work for me?

A: Yes! Your funnel structure might be a little different, but if you’ve got an opt-in offer (maybe a promo code?), a welcome/nurture sequence, order confirmation, shipping confirmation, etc, you’re good to go!

Q: I have a question that isn’t answered here. Halp?

A: Send me an email! I’m happy to get you the info you need in order to decide if a Color + Care Evaluation is right for you. 🙂

The Color + Care Evaluation is perfect for you if…

You’re tired of not knowing if your landing page, lead magnet, nurture email sequence, sales page, sales email sequence, onboarding sequence, and the inside of your offer are 1) actually effective, 2) making sense and working together, and 3) actually giving your buyers that amazing experience you want to create for them. 

You’re ready to create a consistently delightful client experience throughout your entire business, from the time a brand-new person finds you until they’re being successfully offboarded as a paying customer

You’re starting to wonder if there might be some gaps in communication. Maybe clients are confused, have tons of questions even after the onboarding process, can’t figure out what’s next, or aren’t submitting the materials you need from them at the right time or in the right place… and it’s creating a lot of chaos for you and your team.

You have a sneaking suspicion that the tone of your sales copy doesn’t match the “vibe” once folks are inside, and you’re worried clients can FEEL it. The last thing you want is for them to feel like just another number, but you have no idea what’s happening, where, or how to fix it.

It’s hugely important to you to deliver a great client experience at every single touchpoint, but using your copy to help accomplish that? Total mystery, man.

Isn’t it time to stop worrying that your sales page might be writing checks your back end can’t cash?

 (lol, but seriously)

 Your copy is a powerful and important tool when it comes to making sales and shaping excellent client experiences.

And sales? Well, take it from me: selling your offer doesn’t have to be about trying to manipulate someone into buying something they don’t want or need. It doesn’t have to involve making a bunch of over-the-top promises or instilling fear in your customer.

It can be about giving a damn, listening, guiding, sharing how you can help, and making sure the person in front of you has all of the info they need to make the best, most empowered decision for themselves (and putting in the extra effort to give ’em a great experience once they’re in).


Plus, when you infuse said copy with Color + Care at each stage of the customer journey? 

You can feel even more confident that you’re speaking to the right audience, representing the possible outcomes authentically, and providing your clients with a smooth, stress-free “omg, that was so worth it” experience – before and after the sale.

Ready to get started!?