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It's Time to Break Away from that Boring, Black-and-White, Business-as-Usual Messaging...

...and open the door to a whole new world filled with COLOR and CARE

When it comes to the words you use to sell your products and services, does it ever feel like you’re limited to three ultra-sucky options, like…



Making a bunch of over-the-top promises (10x everything! Never experience an unpleasant emotion again! Miss out on this and hate your life foreverrrrrr! Buy that 14th private jet and feel your neighbors seethe with envy!)

Going the ultra-boring, formal, corporate route (Here at Big Box Corp, we’re passionate about our scalable synergy core practices. Circle back to get on our radar for the next steering committee report and take your business to the next level!)

Total girlbossification (Hey girl! My divine quantum downloads told me that your lack of abundance mindset is why you’re still experiencing systemic inequality and not seeing $20k weeks yet, sooo… )


It can feel really flippin’ perplexing, right? Especially as a care-focused person trying to do your work in a sales-focused world.

But here’s the truth:


Your messaging can be authentic, exciting, honest, and effective.


You can talk to people like they’re people.


Your copy can (and should!) be an asset you feel excited to share everywhere. It can get you results, and it can be something your community feels great interacting with.


Wanna know how I know? 😎


Helllloooo there! I’m Carly Eckerle-Turner

Copywriter, Messaging Strategist, Devoted Dog Parent, and Diet Coke Connoisseur


(Fountain with pebble ice, in case you were wondering)

Since 2018, I’ve been crafting colorful, care-infused sales copy for smart, conscientious service providers, strategists, educators, coaches, community builders, therapists, and creators of all-around good stuff.

And the decade before that? Well, I built a whole-ass career in the hospitality and events space, which meant every day of my life required adept communication, minding budgets, anticipating needs, getting butts in seats, creating amazing experiences, and doing it all with great care.

Oh yeah, and I used to h-a-t-e (hate hate hate, double hate, loathe entirely) sales. 

Yeah, you read that right – the same person who once associated “sales” with dishonest, ultra-pushy, crunchy-haired, sugar-in-the-gas-tank crooks landed in not one but two careers where selling is non-negotiable.

So, um, how’d that happen?

To find out, we’ve gotta hop back to the 2010s…

*wavy dream sequence puddle appears*



Back in college, I accidentally landed one of the toughest jobs out there: selling wedding dresses. On commission. In a recession. Dun dun dunnnn.


The shop’s employees were required to sell a certain dollar amount per hour on the clock – minimum – in order to earn half a percent of the sale. Oof, right? 


Well, we also had to sell a specific number of items from each department as part of that goal – think gowns, shoes, bridesmaids, undergarments, accessories, and so forth.


And I hated it.


We were taught what to do to make the sale, but it just felt bad to me – predatory, manipulative, and inauthentic. I hated the thought of pressuring someone into buying something they didn’t love or couldn’t afford.


Still, I had to get up, go to work, and sell those dang dresses every day in order to earn a tiny amount of money to go toward tuition, rent, utilities, instant ramen, textbooks, and replacing my worn-out Target cardigan once per quarter.


Eventually, I decided that in order to not hate my life, I was just going to do “sales” differently.


How? By getting to know all of the shop’s designs really well, talking candidly with the person I was helping about the experience she wanted to have and create for her wedding, carefully listening to all of her likes, dislikes, and concerns, and then showing her what we had that could fulfill that vision (and how).


No pressure. No trickery. No fear-based tactics. No leaning hard on “tradition” or “what will people think, *gasp*”


And… it worked. I eventually ended up ranked #2 in the store (#1 in undergarments 😎), and I was only part-time.


In the decade since, that care-focused approach has yet to fail me. 


Now – five years and millions of words into my copywriting career – that practice has evolved into the Color + Care Compass Framework, and it’s a key part of crafting delightful, memorable copy that helps sell those life-changing offers to the folks who are oh-so-excited to be able to get ahold of ‘em… in way that feels good for you and them.


Legit, Literally

No recent turnip truck faller-offers ‘round these parts

When we’re galloping across those messaging rainbows together, you can be sure I’m bringing yearrrrs of “been in the trenches” education and experience, like:

1. Bachelor of Arts with concentrations in English and History; Minor in English; Professional Writing Certification – Washington State University

2. 500+ events rocked, 300+ expert speakers doted upon, one major award won, and 1,717 continuing education hours approved since 2007

3. Craftin’ copy for social media and marketing materials since 2010 + websites, sales pages, email campaigns, and launches since 2016 (and doin’ it solo at CET Writes since 2018)

4. Continuing education from the best in the biz, including Copyhackers’s 10x Emails, 10x Landing Pages, and 10X Facebook Ads

5. Strategic messaging + execution that’s helped clients bring in everywhere from tens of thousands to hundreds of thousands of dollars


Ready to get this collaboration movin’?

There are three ways we can work together right now:

Color + Care Evaluation

Ready to feel confident that your copy is working to attract your perfect-fit clients… and then giving ‘em an unforgettable, “this was sooo worth the money” experience once they’re in? This customer journey-centered full-funnel audit is for you.

Website Copy

Bye, website shame! Get authentic, accurate, and exciting website copy – the kind you can’t wait to share – that fills your reader with delight, makes ‘em go, “omg, finally, someone gets me,” and helps you stand out in their minds (and in your industry).

Launch Copy

Sell more of your genius creation to the right-fit people at the right time – all without bogus claims, outdated tactics, and language that makes everyone feel a little (or a lottle) “ew.” How? Launch copy infused with color + care, of course!

 Want to Know How I Work?

Say Hello to the Color + Care Compass

It’s my signature framework for crafting copy worthy of a colorful and caring customer experience, and it’s based on these five checkpoints:


First things first! Is your copy moving, compelling, and memorable? Does it invite the right people in while demonstrating your unique expertise?


Your message, the offer details, possible outcomes, client responsibilities, and next steps: are they all super duper clear?


Does the copy at each touchpoint sound on-brand? It is well-timed? Does it help your reader effortlessly move through the process?


Those extra-special, charming bits that are delightfully you – the ones that give a preview of what working with you is like – are they showing up in your copy and sales process?


Are you using your copy to its maximum ability to help your clients feel supported, respected, understood, and valued at every step of the journey?